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Designed to ensure your company's internet marketing success.

Lexicon Media offers state-of-the-art internet marketing services at prices which are affordable to small business. Each of the following services is an effective tool for increasing your comapny's revenue, but when used in combination they can become very potent multipliers. Please take the time to review the descriptions below, and decide which ones will best serve your company's internet marketing needs.

Internet Marketing Effectiveness Report

This report includes the latest information on the wide range of internet marketing tools available today. Everything from social media to video promotion is included, and this report cuts through the confusion to show you just how effectively your business is leveraging each of these technologies. Simple grades are given for each section, and an overall score, or Internet Marketing Effectiveness Quotient (IMEQ), is provided as a benchmark so you can track your progress over time. Your first report is free! ... Price/Purchase

SEO Deep Dive Analysis

The Google algorythm for determining SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank takes into account over 200 characteristics of your website. While the actual mix of ingredients and formulas are patented and carefully guarded secrets, our SEO Deep Dive Analysis looks at all of the known factors and considers leading SEO strategy along with conventional wisdom to proivide an accurate road map for improving your website's rank. ... Price/Purchase

SEM Campaign Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is the best way to cut straight to the chase. Yes, there is an investment, but the rewards of a well-executed campaign can be substantial and the performance metrics are very accurate. Search engine-based PPC systems like Google Adwords allow bidding on specific keyword phrases within general geographic markets. These keyword phrases cause ads to appear in the first three "premium" positions of the search results, and the account is charged whenever a user "clicks through" the ad. Social media sites like Facebook base their pricing on the number of potential viewers, but because these systems collect personal data about their users, the placement of ads can be targeted to very specific audiences — women aged 25 to 35 in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles who are interested in making jewelry, for example. Using a combination of these PPC vehicles, a budget is established and analytics are monitored toward continuous improvement. Strategies like A/B testing are used to identify which ads produce the best results and focus efforts. ... Price/Purchase

Link Building Campaign

Links from other quality websites to your website, or "backlinks," are one of the more dominant factors that Google uses to determines relavence, credibility and popularity. Increasing the number of backlins to your company's website can significantly increase its search engine results page (SERP) rank. Lexicon Media only uses legitimate, "white hat" linkbuilding techniques. Building quality backlinks takes time, but it is well worth the investment. ... Price/Purchase

Unique Content Creation

Fresh, original, authoritative content effects the percieved value, and ultimately the rank, of your website. Conversely, there can be severe penalties for duplicate content. Our expert writers produce quality subject matter which is relavent to your business and industry. This service includes 500 words of new content each month. Don't let your website become "stale." Subscribe to a monthly content package today!... Price/Purchase

Flash® Ad Package

This industry-standard package includes 3 ads — a Leaderboard (728px x 90px), a Medium Rectangle (300px x 250px) & a Wide Skyscraper (160px x 600px) — produced to IAB standards. Each Adobe® Flash® .swf file is a maximum of 40KB in size, has a maximum run time of 15 seconds, and includes an embedded ClickTAG script. ... Price/Purchase

Social Media Branding Package

This package puts your comapny on the fast track to the world of social media by providing a complete set of professional graphics for setting up a Facebook Business Page, a Twitter Page and a YouTube Channel. With just a little basic information, we will completely set up all three accounts and hand you the keys. Don't miss out on the marketing phenomenon which is defining a generation! ... Price/Purchase

Optimized Landing Page

Not quite ready to tear apart your website? An optimized landing page is a great way to boost rankings and drive traffic to your existing site. Each page ordered can be optimized for specific keyword phrases. Additionally, creating a landing page which is optimized for smart phones and other mobile devices is a must in today's competitive mobile computing environment. This important service should definitely be on your company's radar. ... Price/Purchase

Local/Place Page Setup

The internet and search engines have almost completely replaced traditional forms of finding businesses, products and services like the phone book or classifieds. Currently, the trend in online business listings is to create a local or place page which contains all of your business's contact and product/service information. In other words, the search engines have become localized. These listings not only show up when a potential customer searches for keywords relavent to your business, but they are also integrated directly into online maps where your business is identified with a "push pin" marker. It is extremely important that every business have this type of listing in order to stand out from the crowd, and Lexicon Media will set these pages up for you for a nominal fee. ... Price/Purchase

Consulting Services

We love this stuff! Bring us your challenging projects, and we'll show you the way to success. ... Quote

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